DJ FMSparkz

When you think of music as a subject, many great things come to mind.
When DJ FMSparkz thinks about music, he feels it is a major component that can shape the lives of many.

DJ FMSparkz was born Fernando Morales in the heart of Jersey City, NJ. DJ FMSparkz has always had a love for music. Coming up in the early 80s, this young man started his passion for music listening to some of New York’s hottest radio stations. He developed a passion for Freestyle, House, and the early onset of hip-hop music.

What iginited DJ FMSparkz was the technique and skill used to present the music that inspired him to become a talented D.J. At the age of 15, DJ FMSparkz got his first break to perform at a community event in Jersey City. From then on, he started to D.J. at public & private events and local bars throughout the area. With 20 years of experience, DJ FMSparkz has brought musical entertainment across all of  Hudson County.

Today, DJ FM Sparkz is the owner of his own production company: Revive Productions LLC.

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